Common Accidents and Injuries on Halloween

Millions of people celebrate Halloween every year.  The vast majority have an enjoyable time attending parties, wearing costumes, and taking their children trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, when accidents occur, they can have a lasting impact on everyone involved, bringing the celebratory mood to a halt. Here are some common accidents and injuries on Halloween.

Trip & Fall Accidents

Trip and fall accidents are an extremely common occurrence anytime and especially on Halloween.  Fake blood splattered on the floor of a haunted house creates slippery walkways. Halloween party attendees leave trailing costumes and bulky accessories haphazardly around homes. Children wearing masks and not able to see properly or trip over their costumes.  Homeowners are responsible for ensuring the safety of trick-or-treaters and party attendees on their property. To avoid trip-and-fall accidents:

  • Avoid cluttered, decoration-filled passageways
  • Look for signage denoting wet or slippery surfaces
  • Use well-lit walkways
  • Be sure extension cords for Halloween decorations are taped to the floor or walkways.  

Haunted House Injuries

Each year, businesses operating haunted houses offer spooky settings and scares for an entry fee. Poorly lit walkways, smoke-filled rooms and movable structures can create low visibility and the opportunity for an accident to occur. Haunted house operators are responsible for ensuring patrons are safe from harm and personal injury in the structures, and depending on the circumstances, can be held liable for a claim of personal injury.

Fires & Burns

Around Halloween, millions of people purchase pumpkins, carve them, light them with candles and put them on display outside. However, jack-o-lanterns account for a large portion of fires and personal injury burns during Halloween. Homeowners and business owners are responsible for keeping trick-or-treaters and customers safe by using battery-operated candles or keeping fire-lit candles out of reach. Costume companies and manufacturers are responsible for ensuring costumes sold are safe for those who wear them. To avoid sustaining burns:

  • Avoid wearing long, flowing costumes near flames
  • Ensure costumes are flame-resistant
  • Practice what to do if you or your costume does catch fire: Stop, drop and roll.

Pedestrian Accidents

Although drivers should be particularly careful on Halloween, personal injury attorneys still receive hundreds of calls each year relating to pedestrian accidents. As trick-or-treaters fill the streets, pedestrians are susceptible to being hit and injured by cars. Drivers who are distracted, negligent to road laws or driving while intoxicated can be held liable for causing injury to pedestrians.

Filing A Personal Injury Claim

Haunted house operators, party venue owners and homeowners have a legal responsibility to ensure their properties, decorations and attractions are safe for public use, free from any hazards, and properly maintained. However, depending on the specific circumstances of the accident, fault can be placed on multiple parties. This is why it’s important to immediately contact an experienced Orlando personal injury attorney at Armour Law Group to help navigate the waters of filing a personal injury claim for common accidents and injuries on Halloween.


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