Orlando is a city that loves its cars and has countless traffic intersections. The crossing of two or more busy streets is hazardous by nature, with dozens of vehicles traveling in different directions, all squeezing through the same small area every minute. Thousands of car accidents, bike accidents and pedestrian accidents occur on Florida’s roads each year, and hundreds of them happen in these dangerous locations. In fact, data from the NHTSA suggests that as many as one-third of all US traffic collisions occur in or around intersections.

At the Armour Law Group, we care about our central Florida neighbors. We know how traumatic and devastating accidents can be for victims and their families, so to help residents stay safe and vigilant on the road, we’ve compiled the below list of the top 8 most dangerous intersections in Orlando.

8 Most Dangerous Intersections in Orlando

  • Sand Lake Road at John Young Parkway
  • State Highway 50 & State Highway 436
  • Goldenrod Road & University Boulevard
  • Sandlake Road and Universal Boulevard
  • John Young Parkway at Oak Ridge Road
  • Central Florida Parkway at John Young Parkway
  • Oak Ridge Road at Texas Avenue
  • John Young Parkway at Americana Boulevard at Conroy Road

Dangerous intersections include auto accidents, bike accidents and pedestrian accidents. The Orlando area continues to lock down its rank as the most dangerous place in the nation for pedestrians. The latest report by pedestrian-safety advocacy groups, Smart Growth America and National Complete Streets Coalition draws from a decade of statistics from 2010 through 2019, the last full year of available data.

The Orlando metro area, spanning Sanford and Kissimmee, had 740 pedestrian deaths from 2010 to 2019. Orlando-area hot spots include State Road 50 through Pine Hills, Orange Blossom Trail south of Interstate 4 and State Road 436 south of State Road 408. Those are classically dangerous stretches of road: wide, fast and with a dearth of crosswalks and other refuges for people walking.

Regardless of whether you are driving, biking or walking, Orlando and the surrounding areas continue to be dangerous partly due to the infrastructure. However, the City of Orlando has made significant investments including adopting a complete streets policy, adding miles of new sidewalks through the Orlando Walks program and enhancing pedestrian signals and crosswalks with audible countdowns, flashing beacons and textured pavement to increase visibility. Hopefully, city and county officials will continue to make investments in traffic safety. Together we can make Orlando a safer place for automobiles, pedestrians and bikes.

If you are involved in an accident anywhere in Orange County, you may need help from an experienced Orlando personal injury attorney. The skilled team at Armour Law Group, Lake Nona personal injury attorneys, knows the difficulties you face and can help you get your life back together again after a traumatic event. Contact us today to learn more about how we may be able to help you with your claim.

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